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tess's life....everything must go...

anyone interested the contents of my contents of my sewing room ??? almost everything must go..fur fabric, fleece, animal furnishing fabrics, exotics for embroidery and quilting, stuffing, quilting books, liquid latex for making moulds,  and all sorts of obscure stuff ......


well today is a very sad day for gordon and i. because of less work, the rise in fuel/heating prices and we cant get a lodger in because there is no work up here we are having to sell spooky towers. we are both heartbroken as we love the place but better selling now while we are still on top of things.
its ripping me up inside, was looking out the window this morning in tears but the recession has hit us hard and we cant do anything about it so might as well just get on with it. we are not the only people who are having to give up the home they love and wont be the last either.


having a huge clear out at spooky towers and have about 20 kilos of leather off cuts spare......alot of belt blanks ideal for making collars and  wrist cuffs..anybody want them or know of someone who would be interested in them ?????
will be keeping them for about a week then chucking them in freecycle...

even the qualified cant agree what it is

had a doctors appointment to find out what the chest specialist was saying.   after being told  i probably have fractures my doctor says the chances of that being the problem are miniscule.  was told i would get extra pain relief....no i wont. dr has an hunch it might be something to do with my crohnes as in one day my waist size can increase by over 4 inches due to swelling, there isa big hard lump below my ribs and when he had a poke at my stomach i almost went through the roof. got a steriod inhaler to see if that will help my breathing.
however nothing else can be done till i see the chest specialist  mid november. if the bone scan results then are negative then further investigations can be done (once the chest bloke sees me )so it could be a long time before they  find out what the problem is.
its really starting to grind me down now. i feel exausted all the time since i cant get a decent sleep and with the pain.  doing anything exausts me too since i cant get enough oxygen all the time.  not helping my depression either. at least i have managed to avoid the flu and colds thats going around..!! 
no matter how bad things get there is always some thing positive !!!! (so far lol)

now where did i put those pliers....???

got my appointment through for my gamma bone scan for this friday. got to go in, get injected with radioactive isotopes then go away and come back a couple of hours later for a 45 minute scan.  easy peasy.. think not... i have to take out all my piercings !!!!  my anti-tragus piercings have not been out since i got them bout 10 years ago coz they are so difficult to get back in, same goes for my bottom set of labrets.  argh...gonna be naked with out my jewellery. have got some ptfe bars kicking around somewhere so i will see what i can cobble together so my labrets wont start closing up.
strange thing is i have a pin in my leg which is 316 stainless steel, the same that my piercing jewellery is made of. cant remove that but was told because it was part of a surgical procedure its ok when im having my scan..

typical americans....

its 2009 and theres wars still going on, famine, freak weather and people loosing their homes because of the current financial mess we are in.
im a member of a few steampunk forums and all the americans seem to do is snipe and bitch at each other over things like some one had a bit of pink in their outfit or something is historically inaccurate (helloo..its a fictional genre) but acouple of days ago somone on the steampunk fashion forum complained about the fact she was at a convention and not one 'gentleman' offered her a seat as she has a corset and heels on. she started going on about victorian manners (or lack of) and how its just not on...
so as i mentioned the world is totally screwed up but this person is just worried about the fact that because she was dressed as a victorian lady  she should have been treated like one.  even more worrying is the amount of women agreeing with her because they have worn corsets and heels too and not been offered a seat...hellooo...im disabled, walk with a stick and dont even expect to get offered someones seat (which quite a few people pointed out but were ignored). 
there is a lack of manners out there. we all have held doors open without a thank you and had our change practically thrown at us in a shop by the assistant at the till but its 2009 not 1889.....
went to peterhead hospital today for my chest clinic appointment.  in for chest xray first which was in with the ultrasound for pregnant folks. looks like hobgoth is going to have a healthy pie baby lol.  off  to the chest clinic next. no walking for miles dodging porters with an attitude problem, since its a small place.  got a peak flow test and had a nice yap with the nurse about my new rocks and her daughters auburn hair.  everywhere i go i end up having strange conversations with complete strangers. 
finally saw the chest specialist. my x-rays were pretty much clear and my peak flow is not too bad. after much poking and prodding one of the options is i have a fractured ribs which are not showing up on the x-rays. i could have fractured them  years ago but certain circumstances might make it play up. so now i have to go to foresterhill for a bone scan (wooo...glow in the dark tess!!) and wait for blood tests.
*sighs carefullly*  now i have to watch what im doing, and i have been sleeping in the spare bed since the pain keeps me wakened and i need to sprawl in the bed to be comfy.  my next appointment for the chest clinic is going to be for the end of november since i might have to wait a while for this scan meanwhile its a case of  carry on in pain and not being able to breath properly as there is nothing can be done  till they find  out what is causing the problems :-(

ninja bob strikes again....

freaked out when i went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. sitting on the windowsill outside was ninja bob. nothing unusual bout that but 3 hours ago i saw him inside !?!? i had not let him out so i put it down to old age messing with my brain again. let him in and opened a tin of cat food as a treat.  had not seen smidge all day but i presumed he was sleeping at the other side of the house.  as i was seperating the cat food...smidge will only eat the jelly so i have pick out all the chunks for bob lol. heard pityful meows coming from somewhere as i was doing it.  
soooo..bob had opened the two doors to let himself out , smidge had been nosey and went to investigate. the outside door was still open but the inside door had shut with the wind so poor smidgie was trapped :-(   luckely he was too scared to go outside.
dont think poor little smidge will be so nosey the next time. at the weekend he jumped out of the bedroom window onto the kitchen roof and hobgoth had to get the ladder out to rescue him. 
so hopefully he has learned his lesson now and remember that curiosity  and kitties do not mix........
thats me finally got my new piece of kit for the garden. joined neeps -northeast eco-friendly peoples site a while ago.  the master composter is always on the lookout for green cone digesters  that people dont want.  offered my one (which was a waste of time) and asked him if he had any info on compost tumblesrs...even better he had one lying around, would i want it ???  some thing for nothing?!!?  of course i would want it.
so now the composting moves up a gear and i should have usable compost in less than 4 weeks.  perfect for grass cuttings and all those bloody weeds that are still growing. 
really getting into this frugal living. im not a 'greenie' but was brought up to reuse, recycle and grow your own. its taken a while to get intio the swing of things but now the veg beds are up and running (and producing veg that actually taste of something lol) its move on to the next plan which is get my cane fruit plot sorted out,  build our chook house and run and track down some ex-battery chooks and look into home made wind turbines.
i suppose the thing that really made me realise that we are turning into land hippies is when i was watching economey gastronomey on tv last week and one household spent £23,000 a year on food for 2 adults and 5 kids but chucked at least a third of it down the waste disposal unit !!!!
and here was i  getting concerned bout us spending £40 a week on two of us. we actually have no food waste now anything edible left is frozen to be used again, made into soup or composted.  its amazing how having no spare cash makes you rethink your way of living.

the farce that is the nhs strikes again

overheard a rather disturbing conversation at the doctors this morning.
clinics likethe diabetic clinic  may have to be cancelled to make room for the flu/swine flu injections. the swine flu injection might be  unlicenced as there has not been enough time for paper work etc and the staff in the surgery will be refusing the injection unless it is a life or death situation.  lots of tamiflu problems too.
spoke to the doctor about it and there are lots of meetings with disgruntled staff going on as the goverment/nhs is making an arse of things as usual.
so ..the antibiotics have made no difference, either have the steroids. still got breathing problems, now having severe kidney pain, feeling sick,  shivery, and other stuff creeping up on me.  had a frank discussion with the doctor and he thinks that its not something thats gonna clear up and go away. still no chest clinic appointment so its a case of grin and bear it till something comes through.